Group Halo

Help, Achieve, Learn, Opportunity

Who is Group Halo?

Group Halo is a non-profit (501 c3) agency providing services for people who need help in the Greater Orange County area. The agency has several partnerships with local agencies that share the same common goal and objective. Halo’s goal is to foster a commitment to people that will promote their own personal goals, develop interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope in their own independent future.

Who does Group Halo help?

We assist people in recovery to help them get back on track.  We support military veterans with resources to help them integrate back to civilian life and being a part of their community.  We help seniors who need assistance with moving when they decide to downsize.

How does Group Halo help?

Group Halo helps in many areas of need.  We help with getting employment for these individuals through job coaching (resume building, job search, and interviewing skills) and vocational training (computer skills, interpersonal skills, and budgeting).

We also provide health and wellness through experience therapy utilizing physical fitness and group activities like going to the gym, paddle boarding, hiking, surfing, and volleyball to name a few.  These activities also help to ease stress, increase confidence and build social skills.  We are partners with local churches and ministries who can provide spiritual support and assistance as well.

From packing, moving boxes or organizing, to getting rid of the extra unwanted items; we help seniors or families who need assistance with moving or organizing, from a large place to a smaller home and don’t know how begin to manage this big change in their lives.

What is the goal?

Our goal is to help these individuals to achieve their own personal goals.  Group Halo supports them by providing help through structured activities, which enable these individuals to improve their self and social awareness, renewed freedom, and job skills in order to achieve their highest level of confident independence.

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